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Trader Joe’s really is opening in Greenwood Village on Valentine’s Day

by tamara on February 10, 2014, 2 comments

UPDATE: It’s February 14, 2014 just after 8 a.m. and yes, Trader Joe’s opened on time and with a long line! See you there! Click HERE to see a picture from 8 a.m. of our new neighborhood grocery store.

We get a Trader Joe's!

We get a Trader Joe’s!

Stopped by Cherry Hills Marketplace just to the west of Dream House Acres this afternoon and lo and behold, the Trader Joe’s sign was going up.

Maybe it will open on Friday after all!

I had stopped by the center on Saturday to check in and it did not look even close to ready. In the back of the building where the loading docks will presumably be, workers were still moving dirt. The plastic wrap from earlier weeks had come off the front of the building but there was a lot of mayhem everywhere. Still, the construction boss standing outside overseeing the work did confirm that the store will open on February 14, Valentine’s Day. And even though I couldn’t get up close to the windows, I could see food on the shelves.

Here are some random shots taken on Saturday, Feb. 10:

Got my Trader Joe’s postcard in the mail last Friday. There will apparently be some freebies if you visit that day.

The one interesting factoid about my visit Saturday is the wine store next door is apparently closed for good. Does this mean Trader Joe’s will be selling more than 3.2 alcohol?

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