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What is with the Orchard and Steele Street intersection?

by tamara on March 13, 2014, no comments

Driving my kid to school this morning, we spotted with a wee bit of glee that the Stop sign at Orchard and Steele Street was down. Again.

Ouch! March 13, 2014

Ouch! March 13, 2014

I say glee only because I have  begun to document down signs at this particular intersection. This is the third time a sign is down in less than a month! Me and the kid laugh a little and say silly things like, “Oh no! Why did that sign hit another car?” and I later snap a photo and tweet it. The interesting thing is that I tweet to the City of Centennial. And the last two times I did (here and here), someone fixed it that same day! (Thanks Centennial) No more driving by the sign-less intersection for a week until someone over there notices.

My concern, however, is what is happening at this intersection? Are drivers confused? Are they not paying attention? And what damage does it do to their cars?

Some theories:

1. Landscape/moving trucks can’t quite make that turn.
2. Drivers trying to drive straight on Orchard but realizing too late that their lane is becoming a right-turn only on to Steele (I can’t tell you how many cars I’ve seen make a U-turn at Steele & Lake to go back to this intersection and start again).
3. Drivers expect Orchard is a shortcut to University/Colorado or I-25 (It’s not). And then, a chunk of them who continue driving on Steele speed along as if there wasn’t a 25 MPH speed limit and A SCHOOL down the street!!
4. Drunk drivers, drivers with terrible vision, drivers not paying attention, drivers attempting to take a shortcut…

What happens at Steele & Orchard?It could be all these reasons. I’m sure there are more. But one related reason stands out: These drivers are unfamiliar with the intersection. In other words: They don’t live in Dream House Acres.

I feel the city should put up a sign redirecting traffic, like a sign sending people to take a left on Long, which winds through a scenic Greenwood Village community and spits you out right on Orchard. Or a sign saying “Not a Through Street,” to indicate that Orchard does end.

I’m sure if anyone has spotted this common mishap, the city just might be interested in ways to fix the issue. Suggestions?


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