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S. Adams Drive getting a pavement makeover

by tamara on August 28, 2014, no comments

LakeStupdateIt’s that time of year again! The city is once again repaving (at least) one road in Dream House Acres. The lucky recipient: S. Adams Drive, starting at the intersection of S. Steele Street.

This could get messy for those cutting through on Steele Street (where, at least for today, Steele is a one-lane road at Lake). But from my recollection of last August’s repaving of Steele Street, the work is done within days. I bet for all of us who live here don’t mind the traffic, in exchange for a smoother street. (And hopefully it’ll slow everyone else down so we don’t have more of this happening.)

There could be other Dream House Acres streets getting a makeover. If you happen to live on a street that is getting work done, let us know!

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