A social network just for Dream House Acres

NextDoor-logoOn my to-do list for quite a while was to explore the online opportunities uniting local neighborhoods and the residents. And then I got a postcard at my door from a neighbor who was already part of one (thanks John!). The Dream House Acres hub at NextDoor just added its 100th member today.

It’s a very active community/social network. This week, there have been dozens of messages from neighbors asking for referrals for a good vet, pet walkers and mower services. Someone is even searching for a 1950s sink!

The site shares information only with neighbors who have been verified. You can choose how much information to display or to keep private. Definitely a tool that can help bring a community together. If you live in Dream House Acres and want to join, try this link.

(Of course, if you don’t live here and want to start your own NextDoor community, here’s another link that will get founders of new communities a $25 Amazon gift card.)

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