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Harvey Park Renovation

by Dale T on June 3, 2017, no comments

Here’s a nice restoration of a Cliff May house in Harvey Park featured in Modern in Denver. If you want to know more about Cliff May, here’s an article from the Eichler Network:  Cliff May’s ‘Hacienda Modern’

The perfect, low-maintenance modern lawn

by tamara on August 25, 2014, one comment

Having a luscious, green front lawn was never a priority. The manicured lawns of mid-century seemed water-excessive and high maintenance, plus I have at least 538 things I’d rather do on a weekend then mow the lawn. In fact, when we moved in, I had no plans to do anything to the yard (ha!). The […]

Sierra Trading Post, Nekter juice bar coming soon

by tamara on August 5, 2014, no comments

Go away for half the summer and miss out! Yes, I know. It’s been months — months! — since the blog’s last post. [insert excuse here]. Anyhoo… For those of us who were not in Dream House Acres this summer: New stores are coming soon to Cherry Hills Marketplace, down at Orchard and University. Store #1: […]

Mid-Centennial Modern home sales roundup

by tamara on April 26, 2014, no comments

Centennial housing prices are up 6.4 percent from a year ago, according to Zillow (as quoted in the Denver Post). But my bet is that if you own a Mid-Centennial Modern gem, you can sell it for much more than you paid. It’s those magnificent windows I say! For example, let’s take a look at […]

House hunting MCMs in Dream House Acres

by tamara on January 15, 2014, no comments

Ahem… Hello again. Yes, it’s been awhile. I’ve received several kind notes from fellow Dream House Acres-ers (thanks!) and in my excitement to continue documenting the neighborhood, I ended up doing … nothing. So, I’ve decided to just write something already. I’ve noticed a few more MCMs on the market so I thought I’d start […]

Before & After: Welcome to the Beach!

by tamara on June 12, 2013, no comments

Our side yard facing north was always in sad, mediocre shape. Initially, we stacked firewood and trash cans there, underneath a Crabapple tree. The firewood got moved to the other side of the house and we turned the spot temporarily into a dumping ground for other trash as we landscaped the front yard. But afterwards, the trash cans stayed […]

Where Modern & MCM neighbors are in Denver

by tamara on May 23, 2013, no comments

I’ve long kept a list of local neighborhoods and online house tours I admire. Plus, I want DreamHouseAcres.com to be a resource to anyone interested in modern housing and architecture. So, I decided to put them in a convenient linkage list so anyone can click and take a peek at Denver’s modern homes and neighborhoods? […]

Who builds a huge fountain in their front yard and then buries it?

by tamara on May 16, 2013, no comments

I’m working my way through three years of landscaping photos to get a good collection to show you what we’ve done to the house. The front yard landscape before/after is coming soon, but first, I had to write about this: Right below our front windows, we uncovered a fountain and basin that stretched from the […]