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C’mon Spring & see my ‘new’ vintage patio set

by tamara on May 1, 2013, 23 comments

It’s May 1 here in Colorado. And it’s snowing. Humbug! I’ve been patiently waiting warmer weather’s arrival so I can roll out my “new” patio furniture, an all-white set from the Homecrest Vintage Wire collection, circa 1960ish. C’mon Spring! I’m ready already! In February (apparently, a good time to buy patio furniture), I found an […]

Peek inside an updated Mid-Centennial Modern

by tamara on April 29, 2013, one comment

Buying a house wasn’t on my list of my priorities when we decided to move to Colorado. That’s because coming from Southern California, even 2010’s depressed housing prices were outrageously insane (a 3-bedroom condo for half a million? Crazy talk!) And then we found Dream House Acres. Real houses with sizable backyards at half price! […]

A Dream House Acres Neighborly Welcome

by tamara on April 25, 2013, no comments

Shocked, flabbergasted but pleasantly surprised, I write my second post to proclaim that DreamHouseAcres.com isn’t just for me. It’s for me and Kim. Kim, a neighbor who lives on Josephine Way, discovered this newly minted blog and emailed me yesterday, a mere two days after my very first post! I’m shocked because I’m still tweaking the blog […]

Welcome to the very first post

by tamara on April 22, 2013, no comments

We moved to Colorado three years ago and the house we ended up buying (after a whirlwind 4-day house hunt) was the first one we looked looked at. Actually, my husband had spotted it online, at which point he  woke me up and said, “I found our house.” With its low-pitched roof and trapezoidal windows, the […]