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A social network just for Dream House Acres

by tamara on September 6, 2014, no comments

On my to-do list for quite a while was to explore the online opportunities uniting local neighborhoods and the residents. And then I got a postcard at my door from a neighbor who was already part of one (thanks John!). The Dream House Acres hub at NextDoor just added its 100th member today. It’s a very […]

Welcome Trader Joe’s (or …The Price of Our House Just Went Up)

by tamara on August 6, 2013, no comments

UPDATE: During my trip to California last week, I snapped some photos of products Trader Joe’s carries (and brought back a paper bag of goodies). My cameraphone has been dropped a few times so it’s not as sharp as originally. Still, click to enlarge and zoom. See new photos below! We learned last month that […]

Where Modern & MCM neighbors are in Denver

by tamara on May 23, 2013, no comments

I’ve long kept a list of local neighborhoods and online house tours I admire. Plus, I want DreamHouseAcres.com to be a resource to anyone interested in modern housing and architecture. So, I decided to put them in a convenient linkage list so anyone can click and take a peek at Denver’s modern homes and neighborhoods? […]

A Dream House Acres Neighborly Welcome

by tamara on April 25, 2013, no comments

Shocked, flabbergasted but pleasantly surprised, I write my second post to proclaim that DreamHouseAcres.com isn’t just for me. It’s for me and Kim. Kim, a neighbor who lives on Josephine Way, discovered this newly minted blog and emailed me yesterday, a mere two days after my very first post! I’m shocked because I’m still tweaking the blog […]