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So glad modern-minded folk like to document and show off their renovations. Most of them, however, no longer update. But they left some well-documented sites with plenty of pictures and lots of good tips to help the rest of us. Here’s a collection of some I’ve spotted online in the Denver area, plus related news stories, neighborhood clubs, etc. (in mostly alphabetical order). Maybe someday, I will even make a map.

Far from definitive, this is a work in progress, of course. Send me an email if you’ve got one to add to or change on the list. Thanks in advance!

Aberdeen Village (Littleton)

Previously an alfalfa field, this post-World War II community sprung up in the late 1950s after Robert Hayuten, president of the Aberdeen Land Company, developed the property. Aberdeen Village touted large half-acre lots, custom homes averaging 1,859 square feet, mountain views and “living built for executives.” Prices began at $19,900. Source: Historic Denver’s Pattern & Design Idea Book for Aberdeen Village.
Aberdeen Village (Historic Denver)

Allendale (Arvada)

Named after William Allen who had settled in the land in 1859, this 113 acres between West 58th and West 64th Avenues and between Kipling Street and Ward Road became the Allendale Subdivision. Developers included John “Jack” C. Hoerner. Source: Historic Denver’s Pattern & Design Idea Book, Arvada

Alta Vista (Arvada)

Developed by Jay and Leonard “Bus” Hoskinson (Hoskinson Brothers Construction) in 1954, this community include 274 homes in the area bounded between Carr Street and Garrison Street on the east and west, and Oberon Road and Brooks Drive on the north and south. Four models were available offering open design, large windows, patios and a built-in TV antenna. Prices ranged from $13,450 to $15,750. Source: Historic Denver’s Pattern & Design Idea Book, Arvada
Arvada (Historic Denver)

Arapahoe Acres (Englewood)

MidModRedo (Personal renovation blog)
Mid-Century Modern at Arapahoe Acres (Old House Journal)
Englewood’s Arapahoe Acres is beloved for its historic look, but not by all newcomers (Denver Post, March 5, 2012)
DU prof was architect behind mid-century modern oasis in Englewood (University of Denver, Winter 2009)
Photos of Arapahoe Acres (from an Arapahoe Acres resident & photographer)
Arapahoe Acres Home Tour 2010 (neighborhood fundraiser)

Arapahoe Hills (Littleton)

The Craver Compound (Apartment Therapy)
Arapahoe Hills, Littleton (Historic Denver)


Liz & Chad’s Bright Boulder MCM (Apartment Therapy)
Usonian in Boulder, Mentions architects Charles Haertling, Hobart Wagener (Mod Mid Mod blog)
Before/After: 1963 Bi-Level Remodeling in Boulder, Colorado (Home DSGN)


Denver Modern, building our modern home (personal renovation blog)

Dream House Acres (Centennial)

Dream House Acres: My Mid Centennial Modern (this blog!)

Harvey Park (Denver)

Harvey Park Modern (Neighborhood blog)
Graeme & Megan’s Cliff May Home (Apartment Therapy)
Charms and challenges in Denver’s best kept “mid-mod” secret (Denver Post)

Hilltop (Denver)

One of the area’s first modernist neighborhoods beginning in the late 1930s. Local architects included Victor Hornbein, Richard Crowther, and Francis House.
Hilltop (Historic Denver)

Krisana Park (Denver)

Krisana Park remodel (HomeDSGN)
Fairfax Street remodel, Krisana Park (Classic Homeworks)
Krisana Park house picutres (ModMidMod)
Jessica & Jonathan’s “Like Eich” Ranch, Krisana Park (Apartment Therapy)

Lynwood (Denver)

Lynwood & Krisana Park (DenverPost)


The Beahm family’s dot-house tour (Apartment Therapy)


Northglenn (Historic Denver)

Lakewood, Golden (Historic Denver)

Wheatridge (Historic Denver)

Lakewood (Historic Denver)

Good ol’ roundups

Mod Mid Mod Colorado artist and resident Tom Lundin who just loves to model Mid Century Modern architecture, plus take pictures of snazzy area houses.
Driving tour of Denver’s MCM (Mid Mod Redo)
Modern in Denver, the local magazine about modern living

What’s missing? Let me know and send any links/photos/tips. Thanks!

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